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These are real college party girls, you might recognize some of the college girls
At first we thought they were just a couple of naked college coeds, but they're Facebook sluts. Each of these coeds has a facebook profile where they hook up!

In this episode, we feature some of the hot girls we've taken pictures and videos of during the summer. We need to see pictures of hot girls in hot times during these cold winter months, and these college girls are too hot to handle.

College Coed Breasts

Don't forget all of our coeds are just regular, average, every day college coeds

We got these college girls caught on video doing the naughtiest of things

If only their parents knew what they were doing with daddy's college money

These coeds are attention whores or are desperate to win the wet tshirt contest

Watch this silly coed have a nipple slip as we watch all sorts of things go on as stupid coeds do wild and crazy shit like showing their perfectly shaped nipples

Lesbian Coeds

It's True, All Straight College Coeds Turn Into Lesbians After a Little Booze

Lesbian College Coeds

These college teens love to party and act like strippers

Hardcore Party Girls

These busty students are going to party all night

Naked College Coeds Getting Wet n' Wild

Here's some more hot ass action from the frozen midwest. This is footage from another great trip to this sports bar & grill. We have 2 more contest planned for this week and then we are heading south to start Spring Break 2011! I was beginning to think spring was never going to get here!

Latinas are known for having a big booty and big natural tits. Today we got to watch a truly amazing spectacle. It must have been Latinas with light-brown skinned & big natural tits night, b/c that's all the naked college coeds we saw

Spring Break Coeds Cool Off From The Hot Weather

With temperatures soaring all across the nation, we decided to cool things down by throwing some cold water on some hot college coeds. These spring break coeds got goose bumps all over, even on their now perky nipples. Check out the full video at the Dare Dorm members area today!

They enter college as innocent coeds, but leave as stupid sluts. Last night was so fucking crazy, there was some smokin hot coed girls shaking their ass. They was just jiggling their natural jugs too. All of our exclusive HD movies is fucking real

Hot White Exposed Thong Underwear
Dare Dorm Partying Wild At The Club

The hot party action never stops in the Mid-West. Last Thursday was another crazy party! These girls were ripping each-other's clothes off and making out everywhere...Dare Dorm! ;)

A little kinky pool party wrestling never hurt anyone, so the girls was up at this sick party over in Toledo at this place called Headliners. We found tons of hot girls ready to get dirty for the camera and with each other. The wet-tshirt contest went phenomenal and we took a few girls home to party with us.

Topless Coeds Kissing
Topless Lesbian College Coeds Kissing

We headed west over to where there's hot weather and horny college coeds. We came across some college lesbians kissing and we made sure to zoom in and catch these naked college coeds in action. You've got to check out the full scene in the Dare Dorm members area so join today!

Black college coeds can get wet and wild. With all the fine college coeds coming back to school we had ourselves a wild fucking party. Da club was bumpin' with black girls with crazy ass big tits flopping them around. We provide the alcohol and the college coeds come by the dozens wanting to get fucked up n wasted

Topless Girl Kissing
Stupid Coeds Goes Hardcore

School is back as summer is ending and the fall is here. All of those horny college coeds are coming back to college to party, oh yeah and to study too. There is just too much for us to film. So many "welcome-back" parties going on. We are just typical college guys pursuing the American dream of going out to a bar, picking up a random bar coed, and bringing them back to our dorm room to fuck her, and we tape it all. Don't feel bad though because the girls truly love it - that's what's great about stupid college coeds.

It was a daytime party with some stupid coeds. Summer's ending so we wanted to have a day-time party with some naked college coeds. We decided to grab a few coeds off the college campus and have a little party of our own. Here are the some pics of the wild party we had. It was a blast and we won't soon forget it.

Big Tit Coeds Show Off The Goods

Lots of coeds on the stage in this contest. Luckily for us we were able to get a few of the big tit coeds to get up on stage and shake those big coed tits around. They just keep jiggling!

Real stupid college girls was flashing as we hit up a few of the local bars hoping to find some hot chicks. Lately there haven't been many girls there, they were too busy on vacation somewhere. The bar we hit up was packed with hot chicks and the ambiance was hot. We found several chicks who were down for just about anything. After a few drinks they were flashing everywhere.

A Girl With Big Breasts & Her Nipples Pierced
Pierced Nipple Night at the Club

We came up with a brilliant idea - let's host a nipple piercing party. The only rule to getting in was that you had to have your nipples pierced. So it turned out to be a cool party. Lots of naked college coeds acting all silly and stupid when the camera was on them. Another day, another party.

More stupid coeds acting silly again. It started off as a modeling contest but when the money started flying, the naughty college coeds knew they had to take it to a whole notha mutha fucking level if they wanted to win the big freaking prize

Big Tits-a-Floppin'!

Big tits were flopping around in this Silly Coeds video. It was finals time and the girls just wanted to let loose. This wasn't even a wet tshirt contest. These were just horny coeds deciding to take their shirts off and flop them big tits around, make out, grab each others boobs, all in public.

Come on and join Dare Dorm right now. Remember, these are REAL coeds!

Strip Club Dancers
Real College Coed Parties

Believe it or not Ohio has sick ass college coed girls who chill at the crazy local bars. These girls that come out on StupidCoeds aren't porn stars or professionals. They're just regular girls, amateur teen coeds who just want to have fun.

Can we get an exclusive or what? We were able to catch these hotties all up in the shower after a hot club night. They got hot and bothered and we got it on video

College Girls Making Out
Dare Dorm Meets: "Girls Gone Wild"

It was a crazy night, especially when the guys from Girls Gone Wild show up. The girls just go crazy at these kinds of events. The girls went wild when we brought out the Mardi Gras beads out and each silly coed was trying to out-do the other one for some beads.

I love this episode, it had everything that a Dare Dorm scene should have

Licking Her Tits
Stupid Coeds Meets Stupid MySpace Chicks

We hit up the town nicely this weekend. With college in full gear everyone is back in the partying mood. We were partying it up with my buddy who met this chick off of MySpace and agreed to film a hardcore scene with us. She was real cool and definitely enjoyed sex, you can tell from watching the video. As we were filming it, another couple said they wanted to try it out and do it, so we filmed 2 hardcore scenes this weekend. The video of the stupid MySpace chick getting fucked and wasted can be found in our members area.

Check out these sexy girls having fun on Spring Break. There were hot college coeds that were getting wet and crazy with each other, while they filmed it

College Frat Party
Wild College Frat Party With 2 Wet Girls Making Out

There was a topless dancing contest at some random club last week. A bunch of college coeds from the local college came to shake their big tits around.

Dare Dorm Flashing Breasts
Stupid Coeds Gather for a Wet T Shirt Contest

We love wet t shirt contests and flock to them whenever we hear about them and we got ourselves a real good contest this time. The weather was real cold but the girls didn't mind getting freezing cold water dropped onto their natural tits, making their nipples even harder than they already were. See the wet tshirt videos of these silly coeds in our members area.

There's nothing better than boobies and blow jobs. Summer is here and so are the girls. We hop from night club to night club looking for girls who get buck wild.

Drunk College Parties
Stupid College CoEds Getting Drunk @ College Parties

This past weekend we shot this awesome wet-tshirt pool party with some of the dirty girls. These girlspractically tearing each others clothes off, squeezing each other's tits. It's just another day though in the lives of StupidCoeds.com

More fun than a barrel-of-coeds here. Some more hot bikini action from the sunshine state. We stopped through South Beach to see how things have been. It was really no surprise at all to find hot babes in bikini's everywhere we went

Home Grown Mid West Coeds
Home Grown Midwest Coeds

Our next party comes straight from the mother fucking midwest. These girls are homegrown girls raised on farms and fed with goats milk. These stupid college coeds were ready to party the night away tonight. A local radio station was there as a sponsor at this event providing the booze. After a few drinks, these stupid coeds were ripping each others clothes off.

Well we are finally off to Spring Break The truck is being packed as we speak. Key West, South Padre Island & Mexico are just the first leg of our 2 month trip! But never fear because we'll still be updating all month. Also, the local crew will also be staying around the midwest since not everyone can get away for a week.

Stupid Coed With Perfect Breasts

I don't think we've ever had a pair of breasts as perfectly shaped as this. This stupid coed not only has a pair of perfect breasts, but she's also a wild, crazy, stupid and silly coed! Ya gotta love it.

This weeks party: DJ A-DUBB's Famous "Take-It-In-The-Face" Thursday's! Any time he gets a bottle of water, titties are sure to follow. Lots of hot pics in this update. We are searching for some new locations to film, so if you know of a good spot or host parties yourself, shoot us an email and we'll check it out!

College Girls Biting Nipples
Sucking Licking and Biting Hard Erect Nipples

It's been proven that college girls will do just about anything for attention. These naked college coeds are no exception. It seemed like it was nipple night because these Dare Dorm kept on licking each others nipples. Maybe they're not lesbians but they surely are real Stupid Coeds.

Here is a some hot action from the sunshine state! We decided to stop by a small college bar near Orlando to see if we could find some action. We scored big time! This was almost as good as some of the contests back in the mid-west. Great camera angles and some hot pics! We plan to stick around for a week or so.

Wild Partying Girls
Wild College Girls Going Wild

Last night was crazy, I managed to take over a hundred pictures with my digital camera and my holmes got some tight ass videos that we're sharing with you in our members area. There was a couple of horny ass coeds who hit the stage and took their tops off. This footage is not staged, it is real, come out to Ohio and see this ish for yourself.

We were in San Diego and these myspace girls really go wild when they're drunk

Wild Party Girls
Stupid Coeds Meets the Wild Party Girls Crew

At this next party, hosted by the Wild Party Girls crew, we got some real good videos. We got videos of girls dancing on stripper poles as the DJ pumped out some tight R&B. These stupid coeds were doing the booty dance and tits were popping out everywhere.

We was at a super secret club at a biker gathering with some small digital video camera taping all the wet and wild fun these college-aged strippers were having.

Topless College Coeds
A Little Tequila And The College Coeds Go Topless

We hit up a local club and were amazed to find latinas partying there. Who knew there were Mexican college coeds guzzling up tequila there. We took some videos and current members can start downloading the vids.

You see it all the time, girls riding a bull, hips gyrating, legs spread wide open, tits flopping around. But how about two girls riding a bull in little miniskirts, completely topless at the same time! That's what went on here.

College Coeds From Texas

These Texas college coeds really showed us how to fucking party. This party was off the hook. These Texas coeds knew how to have a good time. Not only were they good dancers, but they had great breasts and didn't mind showing their lovely breasts to everyone who wanted to take a peek.

Yo the best shit happens around 1AM when the girls have had enough booze in their system and their inhibitions are non-existent. This couple above came in as strangers but they left best friends after a night of topless dancing together

Stupid Coeds Flashing Her Tits
Stupid Coeds Finds a Diamond in the Rough

Look at the monster set of natural tits on this girl. We met her at another one of our parties. I think she was with her boyfriend or something, cuz he kept pulling her blouse up. She didn't seem to mind, she wasnt wearing a bra and loved the crowd's reaction. Here at StupidCoeds, we get all sorts of crazy college coeds flashing their tits.

There were some girls dropping it like it was hot at this wild party with coeds. At this party there was a wet t shirt contest with a bunch of new girls we've never seen before. Check out the videos of these coeds in our members area

Another Exclusive Dare Dorm Episode

The brand new, never before seen silly coeds keep on showing up. I had no idea there were so many horny college coeds willing to do the craziest things in public like taking their tops (and even bottoms!) off in front of a large and cheering crowd. Join Dare Dorm now to start watching!

On the hunt for some more college coeds acting stupid, we went to local booty shaking contest. All the girls had that big phat white booty we love to watch

I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie
Top Quality Silly Big Tit Coeds Getting Buck Wild

BIG BIG TITTIES! Another crazy ass wet-T contest with ass and tits everywhere. There were even a couple of MILF's joining in on the fun. It just seems to get crazier every week as summer is almost here. Grade A coed titties and perfectly aged MILF's - what more could you want!

There's no hotter party than ones with college girls
Do you want to hear about my porn story? Well even if you don't. Here it goes. I meet a girl online and she was such a hot babe. Let me tell you something, she had a really wide butt which makes sex fun because not only her boobies shake but also her booty too. She's not some hot MILF but rather a younger chick who flashes her boobs online. She's got large tits so large they could be natural or could be fake. But man can they shake either way. So do you like my story about my hot girlfriend? I'll tell you more about her suckable boobs later.

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